Alpha release available

The Pagify team is thrilled to announce the availability of our alpha! Pagify is a new way to generate Portable Document Format (PDF) documents, using the power of the cloud. If you are a web application developer or a cloud developer looking for a next-generation service to generate PDF documents, you have landed at the right place! Pagify allows you to create documents of any complexity in three easy steps: Design, Plug-in and Generate.

  1. Design

    We have built a web-based WYSIWYG document designer where you can design the layout and format of your desired documents. Its written in HTML5, CSS and JavaScript so it works completely within the browser. For each different type of document, you can create a document template. As you place objects on a template, you have the option to make them static or dynamic. Static objects are rendered as such and with dynamic objects you can give a “field name”. This field name will be used to match the data (passed in the 2nd phase) which will be injected into the objects during the document generation phase (3rd phase).

  2. Plug-in

    Use our public REST-based API to pass in data for dynamic objects. If it is a sales report, for example, pass the sales data so that it can be displayed in a chart. If it is a customer invoice document, send in the details of the items purchased and it will be displayed in a table. Make sure to match the field name of the objects with the data that you are passing.

  3. Generate

    Use the API to generate documents programmatically from within the workflow of your web application. The document template created during the design stage will be merged with the data passed (in the plug-in stage) to create the final PDF document. Currently, the PDF data is returned directly but support for direct email and storage (for later use) is currently being worked on so expect that to be available soon.

As of now the product is only in an alpha stage so expect (a lot of) kinks and issues. We need your feedback and support to sort them out and make the best cloud-based PDF document generation service available. We have currently clients available for Ruby (Rails), Node.js and PHP available at Support for more platforms/languages is on its way.

The signup form is available at We would love to hear your feedback so feel free to contact us!

A new beginning…

Welcome! We are launching a brand new landing page and this blog at exactly the start of a new year. For the past few months the Pagify team has been working on a next-generation document design and generation tool and we are now closer than ever to showcasing our work to the public. We thought the beginning of 2013 would be a good time to get the word out.

We have been toiling day and night on Pagify (the fact that we are writing this post on new year’s eve is a testimony to that!) and we expect an initial release to be ready very soon. We need your help and feedback to make it even better and to fix any kinks in the product. So starting today we have set up an invitation list where you can sign up to participate in our private beta. We can only accommodate a limited number of users for our initial release. But once we increase our capacity more users will be given access. So sign up today if you are interested in becoming one of the first users of Pagify!

Stay tuned to this blog. We’ll be adding more updates along the way. A very happy new year to you!